Hyundai ix35: Little touches

Small and useful

It may be the big points that help us choose a car, things like space, practicality, fuel consumption, running costs and ultimately the purchase price. However, It's not until you've spent some time in the car that the little touches really start to make the big difference. Having travelled thousands of miles in the ix35 in the past five months, there are plenty of little additions that make journeys that little bit easier and more comfortable.

First off is the sun visor extender. Now this might seem a little sad as it is merely a little bit of plastic that slides out of the side of the main sun visor. However, it's become very useful with the brighter days. Pull the visor across and it doesn't always block out the sun, pull out the bit of plastic and you're no longer squinting ahead, but have a sun-free view of the road. Sweet.

Next up is keyless entry. While this and the keyless start-up make things marginally easier, the Hyundai has a specific slot to keep the key in the central armrest.

Many cars these days are keyless but there are few that have specific places to keep the key from rattling around in the central console while you drive. The ix35 ticks another box against its rivals. Hyundai has gone to the trouble to tell you to take the key via a pop-up reminder on the dash once you've turned the ignition off. Pretty useful.

Finally is something even more trivial, but a useful little extra for making rear passenger's lives a bit better. Pull down the central armrest and you get two cup holders. Again it's a small item and can be found on a lot of other cars, but it's practical and allows passengers in the rear to enjoy their journey a little more.

Current mileage: 42.36

Average mpg: 8,963