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Should you buy a Hyundai Nexo?

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are still waiting to break into the mainstream, so for now they’re purely for early adopters. When they do, you will be in a position to capitalise on an increased network of hydrogen filling stations, should they come to pass as promised. As it stands at the moment, you’re going to need to live or work in close proximity to locations that do have them. For the UK, that’s the south east of England or Aberdeen in Scotland.

The Nexo is also expensive for a Hyundai. But if you consider that it’s similar in price to the Audi E-Tron or Mercedes-Benz EQC and things don’t look so bad. This high cost can be offset by leasing or other finance arrangements, and some businesses with particularly large fleets may be able to build a business case to fund their own hydrogen filling points.

As the network grows, the viability of cars like the Nexo is enhanced and subsequently costs should fall. But as it stands, we’re a while away from this technology being the next step for car drivers. As a piece of technology though, the Nexo is very impressive, and the fact it’s a user-friendly experience with a unique look and feel inside and out makes it even more appealing.

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