Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8
  • Cabin is stylish and well-assembled
  • Material quality feels inferior to rivals, though
  • InControl Touch Pro multimedia system impresses

At first glance, the Jaguar F-Pace’s cabin looks like a very smart place to be. The front seat occupants are circled by the same high shoulder line – the Riva Hoop in Jaguar speak – seen in the XE, but this is a bigger car and so it feels like it works better here. It helps the driver to feel more ensconced in the experience of driving. Combined with the high ride height that so many buyers find desirable, it's a really nice place to be. 

What disappoints is that the quality of some of the materials feels lacking for a car this expensive, with some frankly cheap plastics dotted about. It doesn’t affect the whole cabin – there are large expanses of soft leather and well-damped switchgear – but it doesn’t reek of being as expensive as its rivals it's mainly the buttons for the heating that are to blame here. You'll find nicer materials on the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 overall. It’s easy to find a good driving position, though, thanks to highly adjustable electric seats and a steering wheel that moves in four directions.

The In Control Touch Pro touchscreen multimedia system is starting to look and feel dated – Jaguar now has a twin-screen set-up in its more recent models, which is a far more impressive system to use. Despite that, it's not a bad set-up, and once you get used to its idiosyncrasies, it's reasonably simple to use. Just bear in mind, you have to wait a few moments before you’re able to enter navigation instructions, for example. You can bypass this if you're an iPhone user as the system is compatible with Apple CarPlay now, which is what we'd suggest you use instead. 

Is it comfortable?

  • Refined interior ambience isolates passengers
  • Larger engines still burble into the cabin
  • Avoid larger wheels to maximise comfort

In general this is an area where the F-Pace excels. It’s a brilliantly engineered chassis and you’re well-insulated from the elements within the cabin. There isn’t a huge amount of engine or road noise – though you’ll definitely hear that V6 petrol engine sing – and actually it’s a particularly serene place to be most of the time. 

However, this ambience is affected by the way you spec the car. Not only would we suggest you think very carefully about the size of alloy wheels you choose to order with your F-Pace – the 22-inch items with their lower-profile tyres don’t offer the same ride comfort or composure enjoyed on smaller rim sizes – we would recommend the optional adaptive suspension system to maximise comfort. Yes, big wheels may look great - especially on this big Jag - but the ride can be harsh.

Opt for smaller alloys and you'll find it's comfier and quieter most of the time. Plus it'll save you money when it comes to buying them in the first place and replacing things like tyres further down the line. 

Otherwise, it's only the diesels that really make much noise when you're accelerating, but even then it's more of a whine than a typical diesel clatter. It's never intrusive and when at a cruise on the motorway it's all very serene. Then you can enjoy the Meridian sound system and comfortable driving position instead.