Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

Should you buy a Jaguar XF?

If you’ve always had your eye on this executive saloon, then yes – thanks to all the changes made for the 2021 facelift, now is the time to get one. Factor in the lower list price and this might be the final nudge of encouragement you were looking for.

We have a lot of time for the XF and there are several elements in its favour. It’s a gratifying car to drive, for starters, with excellent handling and a depth of ability that makes it far more entertaining than most of its rivals. Combine this with strong engines, a comfortable interior that’s also now upmarket and you have a pretty solid choice.

It’s pleasing to have all-wheel drive as an option, too, albeit only on certain variants, so even those seeking something more tractable and capable aren’t left devoid of choice.

Some of the original XF’s magic had been lost when this was launched back in 2015, but the XF has now caught up with its main rivals as an overall package. Is it enough to beat them? Not quite.

This is still the best driving executive saloon of this size, and while the cabin is finally up to scratch, it’s not quite as sturdy or as finely finished as the more expensive German rivals. When you’re up against the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, that’s a problem.

The Jaguar’s on-road and on-paper appeal also begins to ebb away a little when you get behind the wheel and discover it’s firmer ride quality and lack of refinement against them. The cavernous BMW 5 Series is both quieter, more spacious and balances a smooth ride as well as being entertaining enough for the driver.

Regardless, this Jaguar remains an appealing car and – in the right colour and trim – it looks a million dollars. You also get a wide range of equipment as standard – even the base S model comes with LED headights, the 11.4-inch touchscreen, electric front seats, cruise control and a raft of safety and driver assistance features.

If you want a sportier XF, opt for one of the R-Dynamic models, which come fitted with a slightly more aggressive exterior bodykit and sports suspension. If you want the most economical XF, the D200 mild hybrid diesel is the only choice – the absence of a plug-in hybrid, limits the number of options available for fleet drivers.