Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The XK interior is thoroughly modern with a minimalist feel to the design. Apart from speed and rev counter gauges, all other information is displayed on several digital screens. The central sat nav screen is touch-sensitive, providing an interface to control many functions ranging from navigation and stereo, to telephone and heated seats. All the materials used are suitably upmarket and it feels every inch the sophisticated coupe it looks from the outside, plus, despite its length and low seating position, it’s an easy car to manoeuvre.

With the roof up the rear window is relatively shallow, but otherwise it’s easy to see out of. Facelifted cars from 2009 get the circular gear selector (first seen in the XF saloon) that rises out of the centre console.

It may be a convertible, but the XK is quiet and comfortable with the roof up thanks to excellent insulation. Almost everything that moves in the XK is electrically operated, while automatic air conditioning and heated seats are standard. Avoid the optional 20-inch wheels if you like a comfortable ride though and don’t expect to carry any passengers in the rear – the back seats are tiny.

Refinement is excellent however, even with the roof down. There is an optional wind deflector available but it’s certainly a worthwhile investment as it keeps wind buffeting down at higher speeds.