Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The over-riding impression of the cabin of the Renegade is that it's tough. The interior has been crafted from what feel like high-quality, resilient materials and it feels like it would survive quite a battering.

Trailhawk models sport the most interesting cabin of the bunch thanks to coloured highlights on areas such as the speaker surrounds in the doors and on the dash. This breaks up the monotony of the somewhat dark materials used in lower-spec cars.

That said, there's a lot of glass which lets a lot of light into the cabin and with a light-coloured roof lining it isn't too bad in there regardless of the car's spec. We liked the dash arrangement too. Trailhawk cars get modern graphics that highlight the model's off-road prowess, but every model gets at least a trip computer that looks stylish and is simple to read.

The controls are very nicely designed and feel in keeping with the car, all having an assured action that feels very hardy.

Considering its brutish looks, you might expect Jeep Renegade comfort levels to be a bit on the sparse side. You're in for a pleasant surprise though: thanks to well-padded, supportive seating and forgiving suspension it's actually a pretty nice place to be.

The Trailhawk is by far the most comfortable. Its raised suspension seems to absorb bumps and holes incredibly well. The lower versions do suffer a little over the rougher surfaces we experience in the UK, but this can be dialled down by fitting smaller wheels with fatter tyres. The worst set-up is with the optional 18-inch alloys.

Another factor that helps in this respect is the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels. Jeep has done a lot of work to make this car a quiet and comfortable place to be, and for the most part it's worked. There's definitely not much to worry about at motorway speeds, and road noise doesn't intrude unless you've got the biggest wheels installed.

The only real complaint in terms of noise is with the diesel engines. Both 1.6 and 2-litre versions did sound a little gruff at lower speeds, but once over around 30mph this fades into obscurity.