Parkers overall rating: 1.6 out of 5 1.6

Should you buy a Jeep Renegade?

Yes, if you really want one for its looks. But it’s not the best you can get in any area.

Headline figures, such as the 240hp you get in the 4xe, seem impressive – but the experience doesn’t meet expectations. Also, the fact that four-wheel drive is restricted to the plug-in model limits the car’s appeal as an authentic Jeep off-roader.

If you want a small front-wheel drive SUV, there are cheaper, more versatile and better-driving options out there, such as the Skoda Kamiq or the Ford Puma. If you’ve got your heart set on four-wheel drive, we’d suggest you consider the Suzuki S-Cross.

Overall, the Renegade is unlikely to disappoint if your heart is set on owning a Jeep – but it’s competing in a segment filled with style and tech superstars, and it’s outclassed in almost every area.

What we like

Cheerfully grumpy, the Renegade’s squat Jeep attitude isn’t short of character – and character goes a long way. It’s short, easy to find parking spaces for and feels ready to shrug off bad roads and untidy small passengers alike. A basic-spec one in a bright colour is a very likeable thing to live with.

What we don’t like

Boot space for the petrol models is comparable to the class below – and it’s worse for the 4xe. And, even though the 4xe is technically clever, its tiny fuel tank and battery result in a range shorter than many electric cars. Finally, for a vehicle that’s supposed to be about enjoying the views of the great outdoors, those thick A-pillars are a big disadvantage.

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