Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

When you slip behind the wheel of the Kia Ceed GT you will be fairly impressed by the level of quality and refinement. There is plenty of glossy black finish around the cabin which looks and feels of high quality with leather touches on the steering wheel and gear knob.

The seven-inch touchscreen centre console is easy to navigate around with all the controls clearly labelled and easy to use. The dual air-con is particularly easy to operate and the heated seats have three different settings. There are plenty of controls on the steering wheel too which you may need time to familiarise yourself with before setting off on a long journey. Bluetooth is easy to set up, playlists on your phone are easy to scroll through and the sat-nav is clearly displayed through the centre console and dashboard.

Information in the dashboard display is also very good, presented with a choice of either analogue or GT performance digital information like the turbo boost pressure, engine torque, speed and engine temperature.

The part-leather sports seats are particularly comfortable with lumbar support available in both.

Kia Ceed GT comfort levels are pretty good.

The part-leather, part-suede seats are very comfortable with the front seats also having lumbar support. Interior space is also excellent with plenty of room for passengers to stretch out, especially useful on longer journeys.

Although good quality, the cabin is quite dark. This may have been rectified if a sunroof was installed, but that’s not offered as an option unfortunately.

Also, the suspension is a little on the firm side, as you would expect for a more performance orientated car, so you feel potholes and bumps in the road more than you probably should. Wind and road noise are kept to a minimum so the drive is very comfortably overall.