Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The first thing you notice when getting into the Proceed GT is the lovely dash setup. On the left is analogue rev counter, while on the right there’s a large fuel gauge to show you just how much fuel you’re using. In the centre there’s a clever screen which shows all kinds of engine parameters. This can be toggled through two different screens using the GT button on the steering wheel.

In fact, there’s a total of 14 controls on the steering wheel, which is certainly going to take some getting used to.

The rest of the interior is fairly familiar fare to those who’ve experienced a normal Proceed. The plastics feel fairly hard-wearing yet you’d have to say the materials used are a little dull.

Kia Proceed GT comfort levels are around average considering the type of car we’re dealing with here. The seats are supportive to a point and they’re certainly comfortable, but higher speed corners have you leaning to one side as the bolstering gives way.

The ride quality is OK for a sporty car, yet it’s choppy enough to become irksome on our less-than-ideal UK tarmac.

There isn’t a huge amount of wind noise or road noise, and then engine sounds sporty without being too intrusive.