Kia Soul: Interior angles

  • Attractive interior one of the Soul’s strong points
  • Smart design, high-quality feel and lots of room
  • Dashboard speakers and mood lighting are neat touches

One of the nicest things about our Kia Soul long-termer is its interior – it’s great. Superb fit and finish, soft-touch materials everywhere you look and neat, logically laid out switchgear makes it a relaxing place to be.

According to Kia the various circular patterns found throughout the interior (on the doors, around the gearlever, on the steering wheel and so on) were inspired by ripples on the surface of a pond. Whatever its inspiration, it’s an attractive overall design.

Kia Soul interior

Because our car is a Connect Plus model, which sits in the middle of the five Kia Soul trim levels, it comes with a huge touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard with sat-nav, a reversing camera display, Bluetooth audio streaming and USB connectivity. So far it’s been great to use with an interface that’s generally trouble free and its large scale making it easy to prod the function you want accurately while you’re driving.

Also part of the Connect Plus trim is an upgraded Infinity sound system with an external amp and subwoofer and it does sound pretty tasty.

Music’s a bit of a theme in the interior, actually, and given the car’s name perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise. A big central circular speaker sits on top of the dashboard and there are smaller tweeter speakers on top of the air vents at the corners of the dashboard.

Another string to the interior’s bow is, bizarrely, mood lighting. An idea carried over from the previous-generation Kia Soul, rings of light around the door speakers can constantly fade from one colour to another or be set to flash in time with the music that’s spilling out of the speakers themselves. That last function is a bit haphazard at best, though. It’s all completely pointless, but quite nice nonetheless, and the lights are standard on the top three trim levels.

Kia Soul

The Soul’s interior is also a winner from a more practical standpoint – it’s really, really roomy in there. There’s a huge amount of head room front and rear, decent legroom for all passengers and plenty of useful storage space in the doors, cupholders and, on Connect Plus trim and upwards, a big cubby box under the driver’s armrest.

It’s easy to get in and out too, thanks to that distinctive high roofline and squared-off tail. Shame the boot’s a bit on the small side. Rear visibility’s not brilliant either, although that seems to be the case with many new cars at the moment.

Next time we’ll take a closer look at that giant touchscreen interface - what it does well and not so well.

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Mileage: 1,172 miles

Fuel economy: 41.9mpg (calculated)