Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

The Stonic’s interior is an altogether friendly and approachable place to be, albeit at its best with the colourful personalisation Kia expects its customers will indulge in.

On first appearances it’s also finished in some higher-quality materials than you’d expect at this sort of price, but a tap and a scratch highlights the fact that the plastics employed are from the cheaper end of the parts bin.

Kia Stonic 2017 interior

The 7.0-inch touchscreen multimedia system is slightly rudimentary in 2 versions, but far more functional on First Edition cars with the upgrade to TomTom sat-nav.

Driver’s won’t struggle to find a good driving position. The driver’s seat is height-adjustable and you can move the steering wheel up, down and forward and back, unlike in the Nissan Juke and some other rivals.

Is it comfortable?

It may be a high-riding SUV-type car, but the Stonic isn’t as comfortable as we were expecting on the initial launch in Germany and we suspect it’ll suffer more in the UK with our poor-quality roads.

Kia admits to tuning the suspension so it’s more akin to a hatchback than a crossover, and we can think of some performance cars that have a more compliant ride.

Kia Stonic 2017 driving, yellow

The cabin itself is nicely insulated against wind noise, but the diesel engine clatters noisily – the 1.0-litre petrol is almost silent until you rev it, however.

There’s a bit more road noise from the 17-inch alloys than we were expecting too, and the seats could do with a bit more support if you want to make use of the incongruously engaging handling.