Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

The Parkers Verdict: Range Rover VelarShould you buy a Range Rover Velar?

Yes. The Range Rover Velar may be up against some tough rivals, but it's a pleasure to drive, thanks in no small part for its ability to make the driver feel very special indeed. The futuristic looks and glossy interior are a big part of that – yes, all Range Rovers have a similar family face, but this is a great-looking car in the metal, with great stance, and a sporting look without being aggressive.

There’s also that interior, with the twin-screen technology and that innovative Kvadrat fabric for those who don't do leather. As a long-distance GT the Velar is a serious contender. It's not perfect, though – the four-cylinder diesel engine is pretty much the onlly sensible option to go for if you're paying for your own fuel, and you're still out of luck if you want to buy an electrified Velar. Once the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) comes on stream, this will surely change.

The entry-level D180 version covers pretty much all the bases an owner will need, and in HSE form, it's supremely comfortable and relaxing to drive. Would we recommend one over an Audi Q5 or BMW X6? Yes, but with provisos – you're buying a piece of design with great on-road dynamics and off-road prowess. If you're looking for the last word in build quality or solidity, you might want to look elsewhere.

Those hoping to treat themselves to the SVAutobiography will find it works well as a fast Range Rover Velar, but not as a sports-focussed SUV. This is probably for the best, as it doesn’t ruin the level of comfort and luxury on offer – the Jaguar F-Pace SVR will be better suited for those wanting a little more nimble.

But for those looking for a step-up from a Range Rover Evoque, though, the jump in size might be a bit of a surprise – it feels large on the road – but in all other aspects, the Velar is a rewarding and enjoyable SUV that manages to drive really well, cosset the driver, and make everyone who rides in it feel special. That's quite an achievement.

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