Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

An easy win for Lexus GS F here – everything is set out with the kind of ergonomic forethought you would expect. The wheel feels just right in terms of size and heft, and doesn’t obscure the dials unless you set it to one of its more extreme angles.

Slightly less agreeable is the touch controller you use to access the infotainment system, which is very sensitive and also not very intuitive. You sort of wiggle it around to select the various menus: it feels distinctly last century.

The buttons on the steering wheel are much better and make scrolling though the small sub-menus on the dash much easier. You can use this to view things like fuel economy and a g-force meter.

Another area where the Lexus GS F scores highly is how comfortable it is. The ride smooths out lumpy roads without shaking the cabin and the seats are very supportive even over a long journey – plus heating and ventilation built into the chairs themselves means you’ll always be at the right temperature.

It’s also simple to get in and out of thanks to a system which pushes the chair back and raised the steering wheel when you turn the ignition off.

On the move the cabin is insulated from wind and tyre noise from the outside world and the engine is only audible when you really push it. Keep everything in Normal mode and it’s easy to forget just how much power is tucked away under the bonnet.