Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

The NX is a really good car. If you value build-quality, reliability and a massive infotainment screen above ultimate driving dynamics or any form of sportiness, then we can recommend one.

It isn’t as engaging as a BMW X3 or as glamorous as a Range Rover Evoque but we bet a lot of Lexus buyers would find both of these cars a bit gauche anyway.

What we like

We like the futuristic but intuitive infotainment system as it’s easy to use and has big fonts. We also appreciate how the NX drives – it’s quiet and relaxing in nearly all scenarios and munches miles effectively. The glut of standard safety aids is also a welcome bonus.

What we don’t like

Criticisms? Well, it’s not a particularly exciting car, and the evolutionary redesign makes it look more like a facelift than a totally new model.

The plug-in hybrid models are expensive. Monthly payments are on par with much larger and more practical (although non-hybrid) SUVs from premium manufacturers.

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