Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

The Parkers Verdict: Lexus RX LThe Parkers Verdict

The Lexus RX L is a clever addition to the RX family, spreading its appeal to more drivers. We can recommend one for buyers who appreciate build quality in a seven-seat SUV, and don’t want anything in the least bit sporty.

SUV customers are increasingly wanting the safety blanket of having a third row – perfect to grab another couple of kids on the school run or do that emergency taxi back from a Sunday lunch outing, and the RX L’s rear seats fit the bill. Even adults can get comfortable-ish back there, at least on short journeys.

If you rate the Lexus RX and its focus on comfort, reliability and generous equipment levels, the chances are you’ll like the more practical seven-seater RX L. It’s really worth trying before you buy with the RX L – the infotainment takes getting used to, and the detached ride is hugely comfortable, but not for thrill-seekers.

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