Mazda3: Fuel Economy

Recently I've really noticed is how efficient - or not - the ‘3 is. I've been averaging around 25mpg during normal driving conditions recently, which isn't exactly great considering the car pootles to 62mph in over ten seconds. Quoted mpg is 41.5 on the combined cycle, so our car is quite a way off achieving that.

However, I haven't been doing a lot of motorway driving in the ‘3 recently so this may go some way to explain why the fuel economy has suffered. Cold starts, short journeys around town and lots of changes in speed all add up to poor fuel economy in any car.

Another area where the Mazda suffers is the amount of CO2 it emits. Emissions are 159g/km CO2, which means you pay company car tax in the 21% band and VED in band H, meaning £250 for the first year and £180 each year thereafter.

In an era of ‘BlueMotion' and ‘Greenline' cars with fuel economy tipping over 70mpg and emissions dipping below 100g/km, the 3's statistics look decidedly old-fashioned.


Current mileage: 9678

Average mpg: 25