Reviewing the Mazda3's sat nav and Bluetooth

Now that the washer jets are finally fixed and working I've settled back into driving the Mazda3 regularly.

As I've mentioned before, the Mazda3 in Sport trim gets an impressive level of standard kit. Heated seats, heated windscreen, parking sensors, cruise control, the list goes on and on.

Most notable however is the sat nav system. The screen isn't huge, but it's perfectly positioned within the dash. It's big enough and clear enough to see exactly what you need to do without cramming in too much information.

Controlling it is simple too, thanks to the steering wheel-mounted buttons. You can actually program in a destination town or postcode from the wheel, without having to remove your hands at all. The way Mazda has achieved such comprehensive interior functionality is something I find impressive. All too often I find myself behind the wheel of cars with dashboards resembling a Boeing 747 rather than a car.

Another system that has impressed me recently is the Bluetooth handsfree connection Mazda has fitted. After around two minutes I had my phone paired and now, as long as I have Bluetooth switch on on my phone, it automatically connects. I can then make and receive calls using a combination of the steering wheel-mounted controls and voice control. The latter works very well indeed - I was expecting it to be a little haphazard but for my voice at least it seems to do exactly what I want it to. Most of the time to get these systems to work you have to assume a rather Darth Vader-style speaking voice, but with this you just talk normally.

Current mileage: 7256

Average mpg: 27.53