Mazda3: shows off its stop/start

Fuel saving trick from the Mazda 3

One way manufacturers are reducing emissions is to fit stop/start technology to cars. This cuts the engine when you are at a standstill such as in traffic, all you have to do is put the car in neutral and release the clutch pedal, to ignite the engine put your foot on any pedal and the car is ready to run. The 3 is the first car in Mazda's range to be fitted with its new stop/start technology.

The Japanese manufacturer claims the system uses some clever tech to restart the engine and does it twice as fast compared to other manufacturers' systems. There's no doubting how quickly the engine fires into life and I've not had any embarrasing slow getaways with cars beeping their horns behind. But then I've not experienced any stop/start system that is particularly slow.  

For me the interesting bit is how often the stop/start works and thus saves fuel. My commute to work rarely encounters stationary traffic (lucky for me) so the system is never needed. However, on longer trips it certainly intervenes when caught in a traffic jam.

One particular set of road works meant I was stationary for more than five minutes. The stop start/system cut the engine but then restarted it after a couple of minutes. The fail-safe switch cut in to stop the air con from flattening the battery. I guess I'll have to suffer the hot weather if I am going to help the car in being more envrionmentally friendly and improve fuel economy.

Current mileage: 1789

Average mpg: 33.0