Mazda3: health check

Mazda says it's service time

I hopped into my Mazda one misty morning and was greeted with a message telling me it was time for a service. Slightly irksome as the car only went in a few weeks back for ‘tyre rotation', but it's always best to keep regular service stamps in the log book so I called Donalds Mazda of Peterborough and booked it in.

The car has covered less than 10,000 miles from new, so when I called the garage I asked why the car needed servicing early. They told me that the car will indicate it's time for a service after either 12,000 miles or 12 months, and because my car was registered last March its time has come. Fair enough, I thought.

Although calling at the beginning of March I was dismayed to find that the first date I could get a courtesy car was the 29th, but didn't have another option as I need to get around, so decided I'd have to wait.

I'm not expecting any major work to be carried out, but I suppose I'd better prepare myself for a big bill just in case...

Current mileage: 9,700

Average mpg: 26.1