Mazda3: Repairs

An update on repairs to our Mazda

Following on from the crash I had on 9th October, here's the latest update on the repair of the Mazda3.

So what happened next?

First thing was to call the police and report the accident. I did so, but because no-one was hurt and both cars were off the road the policeman I spoke to said as far as he was concerned it didn't warrant further investigation.

On Monday morning I called the insurers and explained the situation. The company was Axa Corporate, and they were fantastic. The lady I spoke to was polite and understanding, and gave me enough time to ramble on about what happened without making the experience any harder than it needed to be. She arranged for a recovery company to pick the car up from my parents' house and take it to Sewards of Southampton to be repaired. I even had a report from Mum saying the man from H&S recovery was very polite, which is high praise indeed. Overall I'm very impressed with how the situation has been dealt with by the insurers so far.

Since the crash the Mazda3 has been sitting in a workshop in Southampton with its tail firmly between its legs.

Fast-forward two weeks and I get a call from Sewards - the insurance-approved bodyshop: ‘All of the repair work is complete now,' reports the bodyshop manager. ‘There's only one problem. The airbag ECU needs replacing before we can put the dash back together and Mazda doesn't stock it. In fact, Mazda can't even supply an estimated delivery time for the part. We're investigating, and will get back to you.'

A couple of days later I get another phonecall: ‘Hello Mr Evans. We've got an estimated delivery time for the airbag ECU on your Mazda3. It should be here in late December. However, we've done some thinking and suspect the part may be the same unit as fitted to a Ford Focus. We've asked Ford and Mazda and both say it's a different unit, but we've got an electronic specialist looking into it. We'll keep you updated.'

So now it's almost a month since the crash and I've no idea when we're going to get the car back. Not ideal really.


Current mileage: 5000

Average mpg: 0