Mazda3: Reporting on repairs

The last report on our crumpled Mazda3 stated that because of a parts shortage repairs wouldn't take place until ‘late December'.

Imagine my surprise then to receive a call on the fourth weekend in November asking me when would be good to drop the car off.

The weekend came and I rushed back to see the car, sparklingly clean and looking better than ever. The car wasn't bad either.

Upon closer inspection I noticed... well, not much at all. Probably the best possible review of an accident repair outfit is that the client can't work out what's been fixed. The panel lines are all spot-on, the paint is flawless and if it wasn't for the blue protective sticker covering the Mazda badge on the steering wheel you'd never know about my minor Mazda mishap.

So now I've got the car back I'm very happy with the whole situation. Little did I know how painless and ultimately un-involving the process can be. The car is as good as it ever was, and now I need to get on with the task of navigating through a harsh British winter.

Current mileage: 6182

Average mpg: 30.84