Parkers overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 3.7
  • GT Sport trim makes interior feel a class above rivals
  • Hatchback-style driving position adds sporty feel
  • Minimalist interior is stylish and easy to use

How is the quality and layout?

The CX-5 boasts a much nicer cabin than many of its mainstream rivals, with a spot-on driving position and an infotainment system controlled with a rotary dial on the central tunnel, rather than a distracting touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now part of the mix, too, although they’re not as intuitive to use with the rotary controller.

Material quality is good in all the places you naturally look or touch, but there are still some harder plastics in hard-wearing areas. Meanwhile, Sport and GT Sport models feel a substantial rung above SE-L Nav trim, so much so that it moves the CX-5 from feeling like a value-oriented Kia Sportage rival to being able to stand alongside the pricey Volkswagen Tiguan.

Higher-spec models benefit from attractive wood-look trim and softer leather padding on the lower dash. The head-up display is now projected onto the windscreen rather than a piece of plastic, which looks a lot classier and easier to read.

Infotainment and tech

All models come with central screen that is driven by a rotary controller mounted in the centre console – not a touchscreen in sight. This is a very positive move for those who like to make adjustments when they are driving, without the need to take one’s eyes off the road.

The screen is crisp and clear, well sighted and most importantly is large enough to be easily legible but not so gig that is distracts the driver. The system can work with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and unusually, can have two plugged in and functioning at once.

There’s the option of a head-up display. It’s designed to reduce the driver’s need to take their eyes off the road and is capable of displaying traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and sat-nav directions.


  • Supportive front seats
  • Excellent room in the rear for two
  • Redesigned seats support well on long journeys

Really bolstering the comfort levels are the CX-5’s front seats, which are nicely sculpted and offer plenty of support – this obviously helps when driving quickly but you’ll feel the benefit even when you’re just cruising.

Get behind the wheel of the CX-5 and you’ll find there’s ample adjustment of the driver’s seat, meaning most people should be able to get comfortable without any issue. It has a good view forward and a wide range of adjustments for a good overall driving position.

The rear seats are also impressive and offer a reclining mechanism to help passengers get comfortable, plus there are two air-conditioning vents to keep occupants cool.