Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8
  • No Euro NCAP score for the McLaren 650S Spider
  • Strong carbonfibre tub should stand up well
  • Safety and security pack offered as an option

As you’d probably expect McLaren hasn’t asked Euro NCAP to smash up one of its 650S Spiders, which is common with low-number exotics.

As well as a super-strong and lightweight carbonfibre tub, driver and passenger are protected by front and rear crash structures plus lots of electronic systems to stand between you and a potential accident.

Pick the optional safety and security pack for front and rear parking sensors, a rear facing camera, alarm upgrade and nose-lift system to avoid graunching the bumper into speed humps.

Standard safety kit includes epic carbon ceramic brakes and full-LED rear and front lights – the latter will help you see and be seen at night.

  • Decent enough front boot, but it’s no MPV
  • Roof can be raised and lowered on the move
  • Good views from all windows with roof up

McLaren offers more practical cars if that’s what you’re after – the 570GT has a front and rear boot plus wide expanses of glass to help you see where you’re going.

That said, the 650S Spider offers a reasonable concession to pragmatism, despite the often restrictive mid-engined layout. You could use this car every day without much compromise. McLaren doesn’t offer official figures but you can get a couple of overnight bags in the front with no bother.

Cabin space is reasonably tight but not too intimate, and there’s a bit of space behind the seats for thin items if needs be.

The two piece hardtop can be stowed or replaced in about 17 seconds at speeds up to 19mph. Granted that won’t help you on the motorway but at least you don’t have to come to a complete stop. The stereo and air-con automatically adjust themselves for optimal open or closed top performance too.

Unlike some soft tops the rear window is heated and can pop up and down independently of the roof. It acts as a wind deflector to protect your bouffant with the top down, and can be dropped with the roof up to allow exhaust noise to infiltrate the cabin.

Visibility is of course excellent – with the roof down – but it’s pretty good if you have it closed too. The low dashboard makes it easy to see over the nose and rearward visibility is fine thanks to that low-slung engine, but it’s infinitely enhanced by the optional reversing camera.

Basic equipment

The basic equipment list includes equipment that is standard across all versions of the McLaren 650S Spider (14-16).

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