• Similar layout to the 570S
  • Updated media system is very clear
  • Thin wheel lacks distracting buttons

McLaren talks about the GT being a separate model line from the Sports Series cars, and while the new exterior air intakes ahead of the rear wheels and more sophisticated rear lamps give the car a unique look, inside the differences are less pronounced.

In a lot of ways that’s a good thing – the delightfully thin steering wheel with its cutouts positioned perfectly at quarter to three is bereft of distracting buttons or switches, and gives great access to the single-piece metal gearshift paddle, which snaps in response to an up or down shift.

2019 McLaren GT steering wheel

You’ll spot that the shape and design of the dashboard is straight out of the 570S, which means a small, clear digital instrument panel ahead of the driver, and a vertically orientated multimedia system jutting from the centre console above the tunnel.

The 7.0-inch portrait media system is new, though. It’s clearer and more responsive to inputs, but McLaren has resisted the temptation to get rid of the useful shortcut keys for navigation, climate and music. In front of you is a 12.0-inch driver’s display with your road and engine speed, which changes layout depending on which engine mode you’re in.

There’s a standard round tachometre layout in all but Track mode – select this setting and the dials switch to a much more focussed layout with a larger gear display and horizontal rev counter.

2019 McLaren GT dials

Anyone significantly taller than 6ft will likely have the seat pushed back as far as it will go – if they can operate the fiddly optional electric seat controls located awkwardly between the squab and the central tunnel. The driving position is excellent however, and the visibility good by supercar, if not GT, standards.


  • The quietest McLaren cockpit
  • Comfortable seats for long drives
  • Rides nicely even on big wheels

There’s more to a great GT than luggage space and McLaren has worked hard on reducing road noise and boosting comfort. There is a faint engine boom at motorway speeds with the optional sports exhaust, but little tyre noise, and new padding makes the seats more comfortable for longer trips.

With both drive mode selector switches set to comfort mode the cabin is admirably hushed, the gearbox making the most of that low end torque by shifting up before the engine noise can begin to penetrate the cabin.

It’s the ride comfort, though, that really impresses. The GT doesn’t have the interconnected hydraulic suspension of the bigger, more expensive 720S, but it does inherit that car’s adaptive dampers to great effect.

2019 McLaren GT ambient lighting

Let’s get some perspective – this is certainly no luxury limousine and the Bentley Continental GT does a much better job of ironing out lumps and bumps in the road, of that there can be no doubt.

But within the context of the McLaren’s sublime handling, the way it rides is very impressive indeed.