Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

Should you buy a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate?

It’s an immensely practical, rational option, with quality and style that makes it a serious challenger to other premium compact estates. The improved practicality over the saloon car makes it our choice of the two cars, as it retains all that model’s desirability, comfort and technology but in a package that’s far more family friendly and to our eyes, better-looking too.

The C-Class closes the gap between Mercedes’ bias towards comfort and BMW’s driver appeal too, though the 3 Series remains a better bet for keen drivers, while the Audi A4’s quattro four-wheel drive remains a strong lure for those wary of rear-wheel drive.

Above all, the C-Class feels genuinely premium, both in how it’s finished and styled, and how it behaves on the road. The distinctive interior looks good and works well, the technology is easy to use and effective, and that’s in a package that delivers a refined experience even on the most affordable models.

What we like

Improved practicality over the C-Class saloon is nothing to sniff at, and the Estate retains its sister model’s impressive interior; in Sport trim, on the smallest wheels, it feels a cut above similarly-sized family cars, as you would hope of a scaled-down S-Class.

What we don’t like

Passenger space is still a little cramped for adults, you have to have a sporty bodykit and wheels to get the best equipment, and you need to look to Mercedes-AMG for 4Matic.