Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

Mercedes-Benz GLA (2020) rear view

Should you buy a Mercedes-Benz GLA?

This GLA is prettier, roomier and higher-tech than its frumpy predecessor. There’s genuine all-wheel drive capability on offer, and the latest incarnation of the MBUX voice control system on offer, too. But the ergonomics border on overkill, the driving experience lacks lustre, and a couple of grand extra buys a base GLC.

Good-looking and spacious, the snazziest small Mercedes is overwhelmingly expensive yet not as appealing overall as the more purposeful GLB. Looks apart, there aren’t many game-changing qualities. It’s a good car in most departments, but it fails to enthral.

The GLA 250 e is similarly unengaging; a functional hybrid with enough range for urban short hops, but lacking the polish you would expect in a Mercedes.

If you liked the old GLA, you’ll probably love the up-to-date additions made to this one. As well as looking more like the sophisticated baby SUV it always promised to be, it’s also much better to drive, if lacking in excitement.

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