Parkers overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 3.6

2022 Mercedes GLC front cornering

Should you buy one?

On the face of it, the Mercedes GLC holds plenty of appeal. There’s a wide range of engines available, plenty of toys, reasonable space and a posh badge up front. Unfortunately the GLC’s economy and emissions are nothing to write home about while rivals are better to drive and more spacious.

If you are smitten with the GLC or find some stonking finance deals, we’d recommend keeping it simple with a 220d in second-rung AMG Line Premium trim. We’d argue it has all the performance most people need while AMG Line Premium adds smartphone mirroring and a couple of other trinkets.

If you’re willing to look elsewhere, the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 are both better bets.

What we like

The GLC’s interior is easy to operate thanks to plenty of physical controls and you get a few useful practicality aids as standard. The 220d diesel blends decent performance with reasonable economy while the 63’s V8 is savage.

What we don’t like

The interior quality isn’t as good as you’d hope in places and rivals have both more rear seat space and bigger boots. Emissions are nothing to write home about for any model, with even the plug-in hybrids failing to impress.

Sure, they attract the lowest company car costs but rivals PHEVs have longer electric ranges and will cost business users less per month.

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