Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

The Parkers verdictShould you buy an MG ZS EV?

On the strength of our early drive, bearing in mind we didn’t take the car onto fast roads or motorways, the ZS EV is shaping up to be a great-value EV and one with the potential to do very well. It offers the benefits of an electric car wrapped up in a package that’s accessible, unintimidating and very cheap – with the reassurance of that seven-year warranty hopefully quelling any doubts buyers may have about buying a Chinese car badged as a British one.

The ZS EV’s practical interior is more useful for family life than many of its more expensive rivals, and it offers enough equipment to keep most buyers very happy. We’d be tempted to opt for a top-spec Exclusive car, if only for the additional safety equipment it brings. The £2,000 price gap between it and the entry-level car seems reasonable too, especially as even then the ZS EV still undercuts its competition.

Those downsizing from a luxury car won’t be too impressed by the ZS EV’s low-rent interior or unrefined tech, but it’s really not that much worse than a Nissan Leaf on this front. Not to mention, the powertrain feels bang up-to-date, and makes the EV a far more appealing car than its petrol-powered sisters.

In fact, we’d say that the new ZS EV is the best car yet produced by MG since its rebirth under Chinese ownership. For those who want to buy an EV on a budget or simply don’t need to drive very long distances, but still need space for all the family, it’s an excellent option. We’ll reserve our full judgement, however, until such time as we can test the ZS EV on a more representative test route than a central London traffic jam.

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