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Nissan Micra C+C engines, drive and performance

2005 - 2009 (change model)
Performance rating: 3 out of 53.0

Written by David Ross Published: 6 June 2019 Updated: 6 June 2019

There are just two engine options in the Micra C+C range – a 1.4-litre and a 1.6-litre. The 1.4-litre offers 88bhp which is enough for everyday driving but can feel a sluggish on motorways – 0-62mph takes 12.8 seconds and there’s not much in the way of pulling power. The 1.6-litre engine with 11bhp is the better option and by far the most popular choice with new buyers.

It manages the 0-62mph sprint in a more reasonable 10.6 seconds and feels more comfortable at higher speeds. Both engines are available with a five-speed manual gearbox. A four-speed speed automatic was offered as an option on the 1.6-litre from mid-2006. It’s not a great gearbox, as it’s noisy at speed and often slow to change gear, but is fine around town.

This is anything but a sports car, but the Micra C+C is easy to drive with light steering and easy controls. As there’s no fixed roof, the body has been made stiffer and the suspension tweaked to ensure it’s smooth. There are few squeaks or rattles, although uneven roads cause vibrations that can be felt. Like the standard Micra hatchback, it’s designed for comfort rather than keen handling.

It soaks up potholes well and although the steering is very light, it’s pretty precise – so the C+C always feels composed.