Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The C+C is as easy to drive as the Micra hatchback with light steering and easy to user controls, along with good visibility in all directions. The windscreen surround has been strengthened to provide roll-over protection, but without making the pillar so thick that it causes a blind spot. Roof up or down the cabin is very pleasant thanks to the use of differing textured materials while build quality is excellent.

The stereo on all models has been specially developed to adjust its acoustic performance depending upon whether the roof is up or down so that it always sounds good.

Thanks to the glass panel in the roof, the Micra feels bright inside, but the driver’s seat is set quite high, so taller drivers will find it cramped – not helped by the angled windscreen which hems you in. The seats lack support for longer journeys too while the rear ones are pretty useless aside for extra luggage room. With the roof up, it’s fairly quiet at lower speeds, but things can become very noisy at 70mph.

Driving with the roof down is a relatively draught free experience up to about 50mph with the side windows in place and it’s even possible to have a conversation.