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Great looks, cutting-edge engines and good to drive

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Cars seem to get bigger and heavier with each generation in order to keep up with customer demand for more interior space and equipment. 

However, when the Peugeot 208 hit our streets in 2012 it was a shadow of its 207 predecessor’s size and bulk. 

Sporting a sharp new interior complete with high set dials and a tiny steering wheel, and an eye-catching exterior design that demands a second or even third glance, the 208 looks like the perfect antidote to some of Peugeot’s more forgettable former offerings.

That weight reduction and a neutral balance of grip means the 208 is superior to the car it replaces in the handling department, but still lags behind some of the competition such as the Ford Fiesta and the Suzuki Swift. The steering is quick, if a bit numb, making it a great companion around town and fun out on a twisty B-road.