Peugeot 3008: round-up

Time's up on the Peugeot 3008

The 3008 has been a star performer. It may not be the kind of car you would rush into work to tell your work colleagues that you own or the type of vehicle that you'll be asked to use to transport a bride to her wedding but no mistake, the 3008 has acquitted itself with top honours. Here's why it has impressed:

It may only be packing a 1.6-litre diesel but it's a feisty engine. Acceleration is good enough to zip through town traffic and out on the open road it easily keeps up with the faster moving traffic.

Where any good family car should always score well but the Peugeot really racks up plus points. From the spilt-boot tailgate and its two parcel shelves, to the plastic hooks to hang shopping from, a lot of thought has gone into turning the 3008 into a incredible useful set of family wheels. There's cubby holes in the floor in front of the rear seats so kids can stash their games, there's a big storage bin in the central divide between driver and front-seat passenger for big litre drink bottles, and even the optional front passenger seat (standard on the 2011 model) can be folded flat for a long, flat load area.

Running costs:
Keeping costs down is key for happy motoring. Thanks to the frugal behaviour of the diesel engine in the 3008 it has a light touch on my wallet. In normal day-to-day use I can expect 42-46mpg, throw in some extended motorway driving and a restrained right foot and it jumps to 52mpg - close to the official claim of 55mpg. Insurance costs are kept down thanks to a group 15 rating and road tax costs a reasonable £110.

The head-up display is a handy addition allowing me to keep an eye on my speed without having to look away from what is happening on the road. The grip control has also proved its worth in the cold snap allowing the car to get grip in ice-packed car parks and snow-covered roads.

In short, the Peugeot 3008 has impressed. It's not without its faults - the handling is not quite as sharp as some people carriers and the distance warning seems a solution in need of a problem, but these are minor issues. It's no surprise then the 3008 for 2011 has changed little bar adding a few kit extras - it's a well thought out and well executed set of family wheels.


Current mileage: 11,225

Average mpg: 47.5