Peugeot 3008: smooth running diesel

Diesel delivers pace and economy

I have to keep reminding myself there is only a 1.6-litre diesel in the 3008.

In town, there is plenty of low-down punch that means quick getaways and nipping into gaps is never a problem. Out on motorways and dual carriageways it is more than capable of clipping along in the fast lane and not feel over stressed. Accelerating through the gears does show the lack of engine size but it isn't impotent. Overtakes are easily managed with planning and a bit of thought.

What makes nipping past other traffic a painless exercise and even a joy, is the six-speed manual gearbox. It's light to use, always switches smoothly from gear to gear and there's no wrestling match to get reverse. It is so easy ito use you don't mind making maximum use of it, which is just as well because to keep in the engine's power band you need to use it a lot.

The natural upside of a smaller engine is it should be more frugal. Certainly, I have been averaging a tank range of about 490-odd miles - not bad and means an average of about mid-40s mpg.

But the difference spending most of the time on the motorway makes to range and consumption is significant. One journey meant spending virtually the entire time on motorways with a mega 577 miles completed for a tank of fuel. That works out at an average of 51.9mpg and getting close to the official average fuel consumption of 55. Who knows with some real delicate throttle work I might be able to match the official figure yet.

Current mileage: 9,796

Average mpg: 51.9