Peugeot 3008: adds extra value

New engine means more kit

The 3008 has only been on sale for less than a year but already there is a new modified 1.6-litre diesel engine compared to the one currently powering my 3008.

I'll save you the technical changes but the new engine is designed to meet the latest strict EU emission requirements. While the new more efficient diesel does emit less (135g/km of CO2) than the current one (137g/km) it's not enough to drop it a road tax band which would save you £20 a year. Okay, it's not a huge saving but I'd rather have it than not.

However, where there is added value is in the new specification for the Exclusive model. It's already well equipped but if you buy one now you will also get USB connection, electric folding wing mirrors, flat folding front passenger seat with picnic table, exterior courtesy lights and auto dimming rear-view mirror at standard.

The standard-fit iteams I welcome are the electric folding mirrors because it saves me manually folding them to stop the inevitable car park bashes, the USB connection so I can play my iPod through the car's audio controls rather than faffing with the iPod's controls and the folding front passenger seat. As I do a reasonable amount of DIY it saves having to limbo the front seat to get it near flat, which takes an age. Now all I would have to do is pull a lever to get a long, flat load area for, well, long flat loads.

All of the above extra kit was previously lurking on the options list. That's £415 worth of kit for nowt. At least it seems it. The list price for the new 1.6-litre diesel has crept up from £20,595 to £20,895 so the net worth of the new kit is £115.

However, that's still an upside and a quick search of Parker's new cars for sale reveal a new version Exclusive 1.6-litre diesel with more than £2000 off the list price. Now that is value.

Current mileage: 8,648

Average mpg: 45.6