Peugeot 3008: smooth ride

Peugeot gets a handle on a smooth ride

Cars aimed at family car buyers face an unenviable task. On the one hand they might need to be fun to drive to keep dad-racer happy, on the other they need to provide a smooth ride so there isn't a back seat full of puking kids.

Given the tall stance of the 3008 and its focus on carrying a tribe of adults and kids, I thought it would be a bit roly poly as soon as I drove it along a twisty road. Not so. It feels taut and responds to steering input quickly and easily, and there's barely a hint of body roll. Okay, if I really up the driving tempo it starts to get a bit flustered but it's no big deal. Besides, carrying kids is a major speed deterrent anyway.

Considering our car has the grip control technology fitted including the all terrain tyres, its ride and handling is all the more impressive. These are the opposite of the low-profile sports tyres. With their deep sidewalls they help provide a smooth ride on rough road surfaces as the tyres can flex and help absorb the potholes and cracks that cover the UK roads.

However, the Michelins don't affect handling as the car still feels secure when cornering with virtually no lean. This version of the 3008 won't satisfy F1 wannabes, but then why should it?

The 3008 is shaping up as a family car that can happily handle the twists and turns of a country lane and also provide a comfortable ride along motorways. That's no bad compromise.

Current mileage: 7,663

Average mpg: 46.2