Peugeot 3008: traffic announcements

Radio helps swerve the jams

Let's face it, traffic jams are an inevitable fact of modern driving. Road works, accidents and rush hour traffic (surely a contradiction in terms) all leave traffic barely crawling if moving at all.

So it's a great help if a car can proactively warn the driver about upcoming hold ups so they can be avoided. Or at least provide some solace that the tail back they are stuck in should soon be over.

The Peugeot 3008 certainly has a clever trick up its sleeve - TMC or traffic message channel. There's a TMC button on the centre console that lists all the known traffic jams and hold ups close to my current location and, if using the sat nav, on my planned journey. Brilliant - so I know when to start looking for a different route.

It also has all the local radio traffic bulletins that interrupt the radio station that I'm listening to. Great if the clock is ticking and I need to get somewhere on time.

The irritating downside, is that if I don't need the radio traffic announcements I still get them. There is no obvious way to switch the damn thing off. So it's a constant necessity to switch the station selector back and forth to escape the traffic announcements that are fired over the airwaves as regularly as every ten minutes during rush hour.

Admittedly, sometimes a message will flash up that gives me the choice of listening to the traffic report or not but only about half the time. It's not obvious how to switch the traffic announcements off so in the end frustration drove me to the car's manual.

Turns out it's simple once you know how. Select the radio mode on the central control, push the central dial and it displays the options currently selected including traffic announcements. Untick the option and now my radio listening is uninterrupted. Bliss.

Current mileage: 8,349

Average mpg: 45.6