Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

There’s a 1.6 for the budget choice or two 2.0 units, with a either 138 or 180bhp. The extra weight of the fancy roof means that performance suffers, and makes this car better suited to cruising about. With that in mind we’d buy the one of the less powerful units and keep the change. An auto gearbox is an option. From 2005 a 2.0 HDI joined the line-up with 136bhp and is well suited to the relaxed driving style that suits the CC.

Peugeot has tried hard to give the 307CC a stiff body. Most of the time it feels solid enough but rough roads will get the rear view mirror shivering – a sure sign of body flexing. It’s no hot-hatch down a twisty road, but is fun to drive. At its best when it’s cruising on a summer’s day.