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Parkers overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6
  • Excellent driving position
  • Functional, well-built cabin
  • Good all-round visibility

Despite there being a vast array of different 911 derivatives the experience from behind the wheel differs little from version to version. More expensive track-focused versions may feature a roll cage and slightly different materials lining the cabin, although the basic layout, driving positon and quality of materials is largely the same.

Low, sporty driving positon

Climb behind the wheel of the 911 and you’ll immediately notice how low to the floor you sit. Such a seating position gives the car a sporty, involving and will be a big contrast to anyone who’s used to driving around in a high-up SUV or MPV.

If you’re particularly tall or short, fear not as there’s an ample range of adjustment in the seats and steering wheel meaning it shouldn’t take too much effort to get comfortable. Just bear in mind that they aren’t particularly wide, and may feel a little tight on the sides if you’re of a large build. Electrically adjustable seats are available as an option on most models. 

Excellent visibility for a sports car

The 911 benefits from an impressive amount of overall visibility thanks to a large front windscreen with skinny pillars, and an easy to see out of rear screen – which, unusually for this kind of car, is available with a rear windscreen wiper.

Sound all-round build quality

There’s no shortage of buttons in the 911’s interior, especially on the centre console, but everything is laid out fairly logically and with little embellishment. Sure, some rivals may boast more design flair, but the overall feeling of quality in the Porsche is second-to-none.

Easy to use infotainment system

With lots of buttons to control it, the infotainment system is one that can be operated fairly easily on the move. The graphics are attractive but easy to understand, plus there’s a pleasing amount of simplicity to the way the major functions work. Tasks such as searching for a radio station or pairing your phone aren’t unnecessarily complicated.

  • Reasonably pliant ride
  • High levels of noise from the tyres
  • Seats are impressively comfy

Reasonable ride, although don’t expect miracles

Every Porsche 911 comes with electric adaptive dampers, or as Porsche calls it, Porsche Active Suspension Management. It comes with two modes, Normal and Sport – the former giving a softer ride quality and the latter a firmer, sportier feel.

For a sportscar delivering the level of performance and handling that the 911 does, the ride in Normal mode is a good compromise and decent cruising ability with a taught-feeling chassis. However, run through a pothole or sharp ridge in the road and you will feel it – regardless of the suspension mode or alloy wheel size.

Overall refinement let down by high levels of tyre roar

Wind and engine noise when cruising are both impressively subdued, but the noise coming from the wide tyres is very noticeable – especially on road surfaces that aren’t completely smooth. It’s not the end of the world, but does make the 911 a less suitable touring companion than some of its rivals.

Seats are firm but comfy

They may be firm, but the seats are in the 911 are still comfy enough for long-distance cruising. You sit low in the car and there’s an excellent range of adjustability on offer. Bear in mind that the standard seats become more extreme for pricier, track-focused models.