Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

Should you buy one?

If you value driving dynamics above all else in your large SUV, then yes, you should buy one. Previous Cayenne models were among the class leaders, but this latest iteration pushes the envelope even further simply because of how good it is to drive.

A sportscar with room for five and a massive boot? Not quite, but it’s very close.

What we like

V8 engined Cayennes go like thunder and nearly steer and brake like a sportscar weighing half as much. The technology involved in this is stupendous and works seamlessly. 

In fact, the tech on offer broadly is top-notch and everything you touch seems well made.

What we don’t like

However, the tech is expensive. And Porsche makes you pay for everything. Even on top-spec S E-Hybrid models you’ll have to pay for optional extras such as a heated front windscreen and adaptive cruise control.

And while all Cayennes drive well, only the V8 engined cars have a sense of occasion to them. The V6 models feel fairly uninspiring in comparison.

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