Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
  • Beautiful top-quality bespoke switchgear
  • Multimedia screen can be hidden away
  • Power reserve meter in place of rev-counter

Rolls-Royce Dawn: what's it like inside?

The cabin of the Dawn is among the most comfortable, most luxuriously appointed of any car currently on sale.

The driver is faced by a multitude of bespoke switchgear and controls that feel beautifully finished, while the instrument panel has a power reserve meter in place of a conventional rev-counter.

All materials are of the highest quality, as you’d expect, but designs can vary wildly with the optional extras on offer too.

Rotary controller for the Rolls-Royce Dawn's multimedia system

The multimedia system is based on BMW’s iDrive but you wouldn’t necessarily notice that unless you’re an impassioned enthusiast of the German firm’s parts bin. It’s configured using a rotary controller, while options in this regard include bespoke smartphone preparation (depending on your device) and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

And if you don’t like the idea of a screen on display, you’re able to cover it with a powered panel for a touch more subtlety.

  • Excellent ride quality and cabin refinement
  • Roof-down performance particularly impressive
  • Soft-close doors with electrically-assisted opening

Rolls-Royce Dawn: will it be comfortable?

It will come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to learn that the Dawn’s comfort levels are excellent. It sits on air-sprung suspension that offers occupants a sensational experience of disconnection from rough road surfaces. It manages to feel composed yet cossetting in a way few other cars are capable of.

Its roof offers great insulation from your surroundings too, but that’s missing the point. Lower it in 22 seconds and you’re in touch with the Dawn’s open-top talents. The wind doesn’t intrude if you keep the side windows up, and it’s possible to have a conversation at normal voice levels at 70mph on the motorway.

The seats are fantastic regardless of where in the car you’re sitting, but it’s easy to find a good driving position as well.

Umbrellas in the doors of the Rolls-Royce Dawn

Even the doors have been considered here: they open electrically using a button by the mirrors, and have a soft-close function that prevents anything as uncouth as slamming. You also get trademark Rolls-Royce brollies in either side.