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Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4

Running costs

4.1 out of 5 4.1
  • Small capacity engines and front-wheel drive
  • Keeps running costs affordably low
  • Petrols claim almost 60mpg

Despite its tough image, the Arona isn’t a real off-roader that needs a big engine to haul it up a rocky outcrop in the middle of the desert. More like mounting a kerb in town.

As such, it doesn’t need four-wheel drive or big, powerful engines, so running costs are expected to be reasonably low.

TSI petrol running costs

Choose the 1.0 TSI with 95hp, and you can expect economy of up to 57.6mpg on the combined cycle, according to SEAT.

Go for the more powerful 115hp version of this engine and this returns the same fuel economy figures, but if you want one with a DSG auto gearbox, you can expect slightly worse at 56.5mpg.

TDI diesel running costs

Most economical of all are the diesels, which are capable of up to 70.6mpg claimed economy.

Most frugal is the 95hp 1.6 TDI, with 115hp models coming close behind with an official figure of 68.9mpg.

While it's likely you won't get too close to these figures in everyday driving, both shouldn't cost you much in fuel.

Great value on SEAT’s PCP finance scheme

Many manufacturer finance schemes come with high interest charges and low discounts, but the Arona has been available with very good value PCP finance, right from launch.

Not only does SEAT typically offer large deposit contribution discounts – which, in the case of the Arona cancel out much of the interest charged – but you can’t inadvertently bump up your monthly payments with optional extras.

That’s because all bar the entry-level model have practically all of the kit you could want as standard – even including metallic paint – and there are no optional extras available.

Better still, as this desirable kit is included, it means the Arona should be worth more than it would be otherwise at the end of the contract.

As PCP costs are based upon the difference between a car’s initial price and the expected value at the end of the contract, this reduces Arona monthly payments compared with rivals.

If you want a competitor with metallic paint, meanwhile, the full cost of this option plus interest is normally added to your monthly payments – ignoring the fact that the car is worth more at the end of the contract, with the manufacturer pocketing this extra value when they sell the car on.

Estimated fuel cost per year

Fuel type Pence per litre Estimated cost per year *
Unleaded 128p £1,021 - £1,058 *
Diesel 131p £916 - £931 *

* The estimated fuel cost figure is based on an annual mileage of 10,000 miles and is a guide to how much this model will cost in fuel each year. It's calculated using the model's average MPG (calculated from both town centre and motorway driving) and the average fuel price from around the country. Actual fuel costs will vary based on driving style and road conditions.

Ongoing running costs

Servicing period Every 10,000 miles/12 months, whichever comes soonest
Warranty Three years/60,000 miles
Road tax (12 months) £140
Insurance group 8 - 18
How much is it to insure?

Vehicle excise duty (VED) varies according to the CO2 emissions and the fuel type of the vehicle. For cars registered before 01 March 2001 it is based on engine size. For cars registered on or after 01 March 2001 the VED or road tax is based on the car's CO2 emissions.

Green credentials

4 out of 5 4.0

Emissions figures are low across the board for the Arona range.

Of the petrols it’s the 95hp 1.0 TSI that produces the least amount of CO2, at 111g/km.

The 115hp version isn’t far behind, though, with 113g/km being emitted. The same figures apply to the DSG version of the 95hp 1.0 TSI.

The diesels, meanwhile, cut those figures to 105g/km in 95hp form and 106-107g/km for the more powerful 115hp version.

Highest and lowest CO2 emissions

Engine CO2 emissions Road tax (12 months)
1.0 Tsi (95ps) Petrol,
1.0 Tsi Petrol,
1.0 TSi Petrol
111 g/km (Min) £140
1.0 Tsi (95ps) Petrol,
1.5 Tsi (150ps) Petrol,
1.6 Tdi (95ps) Diesel
115 g/km (Max) £140


3.8 out of 5 3.8
  • SEAT has a good reputation for reliability
  • Uses components found in other VW Group cars
  • Three-year warranty to cover you

Covering the Arona should anything go wrong is a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty. Nothing untoward should happen, though, as it uses parts found in plenty of other cars across the Volkswagen Group, including the Ibiza, Polo and larger models. 

2018 rear seatbelt recall

In May 2018, a recall was issued on the SEAT Arona’s centre left rear seatbelt buckle. In rare situations, the seat belt lock could unintentionally release during sudden lane changes. A fix was found and fitted free of charge to all affected vehicles.

Car checklist problem points

Body No problems reported.
Engine / gearbox No problems reported.
Other No problems reported.