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SEAT Leon Estate interior, tech and comfort

2020 onwards (change model)
Comfort rating: 4 out of 54.0

Written by Keith Adams Published: 29 September 2022 Updated: 7 June 2023

  • Dual screens work really well
  • Touch controls take time to get used to
  • Solid build quality, some cheap-feeling materials

How is the quality and layout?

As this car is identical inside in almost every way to the hatchback Leon, we won’t repeat what we wrote in that review word for word, but some features (or rather lack of) continue to be worth mentioning here.

The lack of buttons mean a more minimalist look than before, but conversely it means more exposed plastic, so it’s a good thing the materials used look and feel high quality. Some physical controls remain (mostly for essential things that you need access without the screen) including buttons to demist the front and rear windscreens and the headlight controls.

2020 SEAT Leon Estate driving position
2020 SEAT Leon Estate driving position

Infotainment and tech

Most notable by their absence are pretty much all physical controls for the climate control and infotainment – most of which have had their functions migrated to the 8.25- or 10.0-inch touchscreen (size dependant on spec). Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also come as standard on all models.

While the other reviewers have reported problems with the software crashing, we had no such issue. Understandably this would be a more annoying problem than the layout though, given the fact the screen no longer functioning would mean denied access to essential controls like the air con.

Behind the wheel there is another screen, as is common these days, measuring 10.25-inches on cars from the SE Dynamic trim upwards. This isn’t a touchscreen for obvious reasons and is in fact controlled with numerous buttons on the wheel. From here you can look at the sat nav map, media info, what driver assistance tech is being used, and even a set of dials.

2020 SEAT Leon Estate centre console
2020 SEAT Leon Estate centre console


  • Seats comfortable and supportive
  • Excellent driving position with plenty of adjustment
  • Rear-seat passengers have loads of room

When it comes to seating, it’s easy to find a comfortable position with plenty of adjustment, and side support on the FR models to hold you in place. We found it very easy to get comfortable in the supportive driver’s seat. Extra bolstering for the more performance-minded FR model holds you in place, and the position of the wheel and pedals has improved this time around, as we noted in the Skoda Octavia Estate too.

2020 SEAT Leon Estate rear seat space
2020 SEAT Leon Estate rear seat space

You also don’t sit too high up, with both front seats being height adjustable and the driver’s seat comes with lumbar support as standard. The choice of seat upholstery is a little cheap in our view – it’s part of the SEAT trade-off, we guess, relegating the Spanish brand a little below its Audi and Volkswagen peers. FR models come with a rear armrest, rear climate control and ambient lighting on the doors, but it’s the top-spec FR First Edition that comes with the full wraparound dash lighting.