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Grey 2019 Skoda Superb Hatch front three-quarter driving

Search new and used Skoda Superb cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect Skoda near you for a price that’s within your budget.


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Buying used brings almost unlimited choices if you're looking to buy one of many Skoda Superb cars for sale. You can click the links below to search through a wide range of cars for sale across the UK. As well as that, you can use our search tools to tailor your results based on price, location, engine and trim – depending on your own personal preferences. With Parkers, you'll be able to find the right used car at the right price for you.


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Do you have your heart set on a new car? Here, you can choose from a good supply of new Skoda Superb cars for sale by clicking the Cars for Sale classified links below. In addition to that, you can also use our search tools narrow your choice of models, engines and trims even further to find the perfect car for you near to where you live.

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Want all the benefits of a new car but at a significant cost saving in cash terms? Buying a nearly-new car generally brings you the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty, full main dealer support, and a used car with low miles on it. To search for nearly new Skoda Superb cars for sale on Parkers, click on the links below. You will find the best cars for sale near you, and by using our search tools, you can narrow your choice, and find the perfect Skoda Superb at the right price.

Search new and used Skoda Superb cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect Skoda near you for a price that’s within your budget.


Skoda Superb PARKERS review

Excellent full-sized hatchback renders costlier rivals irrelevant

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What is the Skoda Superb?

Failing miserably to avoid the obvious cliche, when it comes to Skoda’s flagship car, it really is Superb by name, superb by nature.

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Since launching in the UK in 2002 – initially as a four-door saloon using a stretched Volkswagen Passat platform – the Skoda Superb has matured into a spacious, comfortable and quality-rich car, now available in both hatchback and estate bodystyles. In its third generation, the Superb is good enough to rival plusher cars such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, as well as more mainstream options such as the Ford Mondeo, Kia Optima, Mazda 6 and Volkswagen Passat. A car that’s big on space and big on value, the current-generation is one of the best cars on sale at any price, confirmed by the Superb Estate being Parkers' 2020 Large Family Car of the Year.

At-a-glance 2019 Skoda Superb specs

  • Top-speed: 120-155mph
  • 0-62mph: 5.5-11.5 seconds
  • Fuel economy: 30.1-54.3mpg
  • Emissions: 110-162g/km
  • Boot space: 625-1950 litres

Which versions of the Skoda Superb are available?

Two versions are available: a cavernous Superb Hatch and a hugely practical Superb Estate. With 625 litres of luggage space, the hatchback offers enough stowage capacity for most families, but the estate takes space to a new frontier, offering 660 litres with the rear seats in place, extending to 1,950 litres with them folded down.

Blue 2019 Skoda Superb Estate rear three-quarter driving

A wide range of petrol and diesel engines are available, including an entry-level 1.5-litre TSI petrol developing 150hp and a small 120hp 1.6-litre TDI diesel. A company-friendly 2.0-litre TDI is offered with 150hp and 190hp options, while a four-wheel-drive 272hp 2.0-litre TSI petrol gives the Superb genuine performance car credentials. The majority of models are front-wheel drive, although four-wheel drive is available on the 190hp diesel versions. Choose from a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed DSG automatic transmission.

For the first time in 2020, a plug-in hybrid version badged Superb iV - and mechanically similar to the Passat GTE - will join the range offering pace and low emissions in a bid to further attract company car drivers.

That 272hp 2.0-litre TSI feels like a Superb vRS in all but name, hitting 62mph from a standstill in as little as 5.5 seconds before reaching a top speed limited to 155mph. Available in SportLine Plus and Laurin & Klement trim levels, this high-performance version is fitted with a DSG transmission and four-wheel drive as standard, along with steering wheel-mounted paddles for improved driver engagement. It is, if you like, a stealth-like Volkswagen Golf R with enough space for the whole family and most of the dogs at the local kennels.

Styling and engineering

The Skoda Superb is one of the largest cars to utilise Volkswagen’s MQB platform and is arguably one of the best looking. The hatchback has a rakish, almost fastback feel, while the estate is a welcome tonic to the glut of SUVs jostling for position on the morning commute. In both cases, the Superb looks understated, although the optional Dragon Green metallic paint is anything but subtle.

On the inside, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were making yourself comfortable in a Rolls-Royce, and this isn’t just a reference to the umbrellas in the doors. The cabin is vast, especially in the back, where it’s possible to play a game of hide and seek with your children. Makes a change from I-Spy. One could argue that the interior looks and feels a little too much like a product of the Volkswagen Group, but you can’t fault the quality and the way it has been screwed together.

Blue 2019 Skoda Super Estate tailgate badging

Freshening things up a little in 2019 was a mild facelift, with a suite of minor alterations inside and out. In fact, some of the changes are so small that the easiest way to spot a post-facelift Superb is by looking at the tailgate: instead of the round logo, the word SKODA is written in spaced-out capitals across the back.

How does it drive?

The Skoda Superb has been designed and developed with comfort and luxury in mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of letting its hair down once in a while. It’s worth remembering that it’s based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf, so choose the right engine and it’s possible to have fun. Predictably, the 272hp 2.0-litre TSI is the great entertainer, but the 1.5-litre TSI has just enough performance to satisfy keen drivers – with the added benefit of lower running costs.

2019 Skoda Superb Estate SportLine Plus dashboard

But there’s no doubt that the Superb has been engineered to cross continents and to smooth out the creases on a daily commute. Our advice would be to select Comfort mode and allow the Superb to deliver on its raison d'être.

How much does the Skoda Superb cost?

The Skoda Superb makes a mockery of rival manufacturers’ pricing strategies, with an entry-level price that places it alongside common-or-garden family hatchbacks. Even the all-singing, all-dancing Laurin & Klement estate with DSG and four-wheel drive comes in at a similar point to the lowest-priced Audi A6 Saloon. In fact, you could look at the Skoda Superb as an A6 for Audi A3 money. Of course, the Skoda doesn’t have the rock-solid image of an Audi, but you pays your money and takes your choice.

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