Skoda Yeti: MPG obsession

Skoda feeds my addiction

Now this isn't specific to the Yeti as such, but whenever I get into a new car I found myself absolutely transfixed on the mpg part of the trip computer. Now almost all new cars feature an mpg calculator and this has simply fed my addiction.

The system in the Yeti is excellent and it reads to the nearest 0.1mpg. A bit too much acceleration and you'll see the number drop immediately. Coast down a hill and the number will start to rise. The problem is I can't help but constantly watch this number tick up or down and immediately change my driving to improve it.

As soon as I see the number begin to plummet I slow down or change to sixth gear - even if it might hamper my acceleration and irritate the people driving behind me. I don't care, I'm scoring more points in my mpg game.

So far the best I've got out of the Yeti is around the early 50s. I can guarantee around 48mpg every day on the journey back from Peterborough to North London, but I'm constantly frustrated by the early 40s I manage on the opposite journey.

There is a serious point to all this. Having such a system in the car - especially one as up-to-date and intuitive as the Yeti's - can really help improve your fuel consumption if you concentrate on this and change your driving in order to increase your mpg scores. It might sound like I'm a bit of a geek - I am - but it could help you save some cash over time.

Current mileage: 7695

Average mpg: 41.2