Skoda Yeti: First drive

Yeti impresses on first journey

Before our Yeti had even arrived I had planned the first major journey. I was due to travel down to Brighton to help celebrate a friend's stag do. Having never driven the car before I was looking forward to putting it through its paces.

The lengthy 304-mile round trip on motorways and B-roads would be an ideal test of the Yeti's comfort and performance. The drive down would be through the usual end-of-week traffic and the journey home on the Sunday could end up being a very miserable time after a weekend celebrating, giving me a good mix of different driving.

Heading off on our journey, the Yeti showed off its performance credentials immediately. The 2.0 TDI engine is excellent. Low-down pulling power is impressive and the 140bhp power output means it will happily cruise along at motorway speeds. It is a little noisy when you start up but this soon goes as you gather speed.

As I expected the drive slowed right down as we hit congestion on the Dartford Bridge. While sitting in traffic is no fun, on this occasion it wasn't a complete waste of time as I sat back in the very comfortable leather seats. The huge sunroof also proved its worth with the interior feeling much bigger and lighter for it.

When it comes to handling there is a little bit of body roll in the tighter corners, but it's something to be expected in a car of this shape, size and extra height. However, it still feels engaging and the steering is weighty enough when cornering at speed.

After a weekend of excess and Mexican wrestling masks the Yeti pulled my weary passenger and I home in comfort - any discomfort that I did feel was self inflicted - and I could happily have spent even longer in the roomy and airy space. Now time to recover.

Current mileage: 5334

Average mpg: 42.8