Skoda Yeti: As winter draws in

Skoda Yeti: handle the cold?

With the temperatures now dropping, getting in the car in the morning is a chilly affair. Fortunately my Yeti comes with the luxury of heated seats.

There's nothing worse than sitting on a freezing cold leather seat in the morning, so a quick push of the button and it won't take long until things start to warm up.

The heated seats come standard with the leather upholstery but something that is missing is the heated window filament that came in so useful on my old Ford Focus Econetic. Instead of just sitting in peace as the frost quickly disappears, I now have to stand out in the cold like everyone else scraping with my blood donor card and the windscreen heater on full blast.

Water shortage

I'm now in to the fourth month with the Yeti, but already I've had to fill up the washer fluid four times. At first I thought this was a little excessive but if you factor in the fact that it serves both the front and rear windscreen washers as well as the front headlight washers it all becomes clear.

With the mucky roads getting much worse as we get more rain and frost, the headlight washers are starting to make a lot of sense. At least this way there's little chance of not being visible to other drivers as the dark descends earlier. I just wish the water tank was bigger so I wouldn't have to fill it up so much.

Current mileage: 11,482

Average mpg: 43.3