Skoda Yeti: love-in

My other car is a...Yeti

They might not be the most common of sites on UK roads, but here at the Bauer offices we have two Yetis in the car park. Along with our version, sister publication CAR also have one on long term test. For once we've trumped the more glamorous CAR as they also have the 2.0 TDI engine but it has less power than ours at is produces 110bhp (our Yeti has 140bhp). Their car is the two-wheel drive SE model while our car is four-wheel drive.

Don't feel too sorry for them, as they do have the extras of sat nav, park assist and other goodies adding up to £3,924. Even with these pricey extras it is still cheaper than our model at £21,234 - it's only £17,310 without the options - compared to our car at £22,990 - with £1,165 of options.

There doesn't feel a huge amount of difference between the two engines. Our more powerful model does make things a little more reassuring when pulling on to motorways, but both cruise along quite happily when up to the national limits. You will need to use the gearbox a lot more with the 110bhp as it has a five-speed 'box while the Parker's car has a six-speed gearbox.

Then there is the two-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive debate. Unless four-wheel drive is something you need to use at least once a day, the two-wheel drive model will be suitable for most customers. However, the four-wheel version is like having a security blanket knowing it is there if needed.

Ideally a mixture of the two different options would be the solution. The SE model already comes with a decent amount of kit, but while the 110bhp engine is sufficient the 140bhp does offer just that little bit extra oomph and 4x4 is a reassuring addition. In a perfect world I would happily go for the 2.0 TDI 140bhp 4x4 SE model, which at £19,830 is a competitve price when comparing to rivals.

Current mileage: 12,419

Average mpg: 40.5