Skoda Yeti: genuine company car choice?

Bucking the company car trend

When it comes to choosing a company car, there are always the obvious candidates. Vauxhall Insignia, Ford Mondeo or the BMW 3-Series. But with the needs of drivers constantly changing and the relatively recent introduction of the 'Crossover', the option seems to have got wider - as long as the bosses allow it of course.

With its fairly economical but strong diesel engine, as well as the four-wheel drive and space on offer, the Yeti should be a realistic alternative to all the company car norms. However, where the excellent Skoda falls down is the cost.

Fortunately I don't have to do all this by working out the baffling tax, emissions and values, but instead use the Parker's company car tax calculator. The Yeti has a P11D value of £21,615 so will cost 20% tax payers £82.85 per month while 40% tax payers will have to shell out £165.70.

Compare this to the BMW 318d SE - a typical, albeit premium, company car choice. The P11D value might be more at £25,995, but monthly tax at 20% is just £56.32, while 40% will push this to £112.63. Given this it's a little bit harder to justify the Yeti purely on the basis of wanting something a little out of the ordinary.

This issue could be solved pretty soon though with the introduction of the Yeti GreenLine in 2011. With Skoda claiming emissions of 119g/km - putting it in the 13% bracket of BIK tax the same as the BMW 318d - and economy of 61mpg, according to the manufacturer, it will be an even better prospect than our car for trundling up and down the motorway and getting something that little bit different.

Current mileage: 9539

Average mpg: 40.3