Skoda Yeti: Little touches

Looking for an easy life

Performance, comfort and running costs are always high on the priority list when considering buying and a car and if you get it right you'll be congratulating yourself when you part with your hard-earned cash, but the longer you spend with your car the more the smaller details become important.

While they might not be vital, the Yeti comes packed with little features that are very useful and make life just that little bit easier.

First off is the drawer under the passenger seat. There's plenty of room in here for my sat nav and all the leads and mounting that comes with it. Also people don't tend to know it's there - or at least they didn't until I just said - so I feel fairly comfortable leaving it in there overnight.

Another thing that's useful - although far from essential - is the small clip in the side of the windscreen. More and more cars now come with this and this is there to put pay and display parking tickets in and means they don't suddenly slip off the dash just in time for the parking warden to arrive.

These practical touches continue to the boot of the Yeti that has different sized compartments dotted around. Each side of the boot door is a space ideal for bottles - red wine bottles happen to fit in here perfectly - and the curved plastic holder in the main boot space is ideal to stop shopping flying around the boot. 

So while the big things like engine and handling have really impressed me, the small things have also made an impression on me and endeared me to the Czech crossover even more.

Current mileage: 10,019

Average mpg: 42.6