Skoda Yeti: Badge snobbery

It's a fickle old world

When I was a kid, I remember my dad trying to decide what car to have next after his latest Ford Sierra has just blown a head gasket. There were the obvious and usual choices of Ford and Vauxhall, and after the list of remaining manufacturers had been exhausted we got to Skoda. This was quickly followed by the childish fake sick-noise reply of my elder sister.

Now this episode did occur in the early 90s, but for some reason this kind of badge snobbery seems to have continued.

I found this out recently when an elderly relative asked about cars I'd driven recently. After explaining that I currently had the Yeti as a long-term test car and that I'd driven the Superb recently too, I was greeted by the cry of 'It's a Skoda though.' Despite constant discussion in support of these cars, I conceded defeat as inevitably the elder relative is always the one in the right... of course.

As Skoda continues to do fairly well in sales and its cars are often reviewed favourably this kind of reaction seems to be wearing off on some people, but the pocket of people still stuck in the time of Felicias and Favorits looks set to continue.

So if anyone ever tells you that they have a Skoda, before turning your nose-up - or perhaps making the exaggerated fake vomiting noise - try going out in it or driving one yourself, because after having the Yeti now for three months I would happily take it over a Qashqai or 3008, even a BMW X1, without any qualms.

Current mileage: 8130

Average mpg: 40.1